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Welcome to Zug 

Thank You to visit our website

We are delighted to offer state of the art all-inclusive oral and facial healthcare for you and your family. Our goal is to provide you the highest standards of Swiss clinical and technological excellence. Whilst addressing your particular needs based on individual requirements and striving to obtain the best possible outcome, we will also do our utmost to make your experience both comfortable and agreeable. Understanding that our patients have busy lives, we offer extended hours in the week; YOU CHOOSE WHEN. Our multidisciplinary team will ensure you access cutting edge medical and dental know how and technology in oral as well as facial rehabilitation and rejuvenation. We all strongly believe in sharing knowledge and working closely together for the benefit of our patients.

Dr. Nina van Sprundel

Dr. Nina van Sprundel studied and graduated at the Charité University in Berlin. Her thesis focused on orthodontics from digital diagnostic radiological angle. After acquiring experience working in dental practices in Zug and Zurich, Dr Nina van Sprundel founded in 2011 her own practice nicesmile in Baar. Her specialist interests include aesthetic dentistry, tooth conservation by root canal treatment (endodontics), the prevention and treatment of gum disease (periodontics), the management of bruxism (teeth grinding) as well as reconstructive dentistry (following loss of dental substance or loss of teeth). ¨I feel committed to delivering healthcare at the highest standard and always aim towards a perfect therapeutic result. The goal of each treatment I undertake is to maintain or salvage the teeth using minimal invasive means abiding to aesthetic principles. I attach a particular importance to aesthetic dentistry whilst integrating in my treatment plan each patient’s individual needs in order to achieve a truly holistic management.¨

Dr Nina van Sprundel is a member of numerous Societies and Associations: 

  • The Dental Association of Zug (SSO Zug) where she serves as the Secretary of the Section.
  • The Swiss Association of Dental Surgeons (SSO)
  • The German Endodontic Society (DGET)
  • The German Association for Conservative Dentistry (DGE)
  • The German Association for Dental, Oral and Maxillary Science (DGZMK)
  • The Suisse Association for Endodontology (SSE)
  • The German Association for Esthetic Dentistry (DGAEZ)